I'm currently working on a "details" page for a specific item that is editable. The question is, when you have finished editing the details of the item, would it be more user friendly to put the save button where the "edit" button was (top right of the screen) or have the save button in a more traditional location such as at the bottom of the screen below the details? I have included pictures below.

enter image description here

  • I'd put the save button at the bottom, more common place for a save button. But as always, make prototypes and test with a few people (even just colleagues if that's all you can access).
    – Martyn
    Commented Feb 9, 2021 at 8:22
  • I would suggest you to keep the button on top right corner or Position fixed
    – Rakesh
    Commented Mar 16, 2021 at 10:40
  • One user of mine pointed out that moving the mouse on a big screen to the end of the page in order to save was time consuming. My vote is to keep all buttons in ONE place.
    – sibert
    Commented Apr 27 at 5:46

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I feel that the position of the button will depend on a few factors, which I list as follows:

  1. People's eye movement on the computer screen is always horizontal (moving left or right depends on the nature of the language which is displayed on screen) then downwards. So assuming that Save action is the final action that users will need to carry out in the task, the button should be located on the bottom right.
  2. However, people are also used to standards, e.g. if the screen you drew is a modal, and for some reason all modals on your application have their buttons on the same top right positions, then users may expect your Save button to appear at the same place. And also if it's a modal, you have to be careful if the modal screen will overflow beyond the monitor display - you won't want the Save button to be hidden from users.
  3. Lastly, because it was mentioned that you are working on a details page, I'm not sure if it'll be a modal. Would it be necessary to put a Save button in there to confirm the information saved or there is autosave feature that updates the records as users dismiss the details page. Then you'll help users hasten the process of working on the application.

Hope this helps!


There are not any specific rules to put edit on the top right side only. But I would suggest to keep it there only. CTAs like save, proceed, next prev are mostly kept on bottom side and edit on top right within the box of editable content make more sense to me.


When I tap "edit", at top right of my cellphone screen, it selects each app icon, for a chance to change it.


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