I am a budding UX designer currently working on a booking management system that allows both booking by the HR and employees. HR can make bookings on behalf of the employees via the management system whereas the employees make their bookings on a mobile app.

HR cannot overwrite data input by employees (e.g name, email, mobile) but can do so if it's data input by HR themselves.

Problem: Presently, the system only shows 1 name column which is the one imported by the HR. As such, we have instances where the HR wants to change the name but couldn't because it has been updated by the employees on the mobile app.

On the backend however, there are 2 names data, HR imported name and employee updated name.

Proposed solution: I proposed to concatenate the 2 name columns and create a new column 'latest name' so the HR will not need to refer to 2 columns for the 'same' information. This column will always show employee updated name when available, otherwise HR imported name. All employee updated name will be indicated with an asterisk and upon hover, a tooltip will appear to tell the HR that it has been updated by employee. Proposed design

We will still keep the 2 original name data, but tucked in a filter column button where user can choose to show.

However, my engineer mentioned that many rows are already overloaded and prefers a more generic solution.

Does anyone here have any ideas how else I can do it?

  • Sounds like a sensible solution to me. Maybe you should ask the engineer how she would tackle the UX problem. Then she can come up with something that also works for the backend. – Nash Jan 11 at 9:06

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