I know for the UX part it doesn't matter but what if I'm using tools like figma and creating wireframes UI elements do I need a top quality screen or will I be just fine with a cheap gaming laptop that has a display quality of 60% srgb / 45% NTSC ?


No, what's important to remember with any UX/UI design is that every person is different.

In that, they will be viewing what you produce on a range of devices, with various profiles, with a range of different visual capacity in various physical environments.

It's definitely worth getting away from trying to make every colour/design pixel perfect and work more toward effective systematic design and accessible outputs, trust the science rather than your eyes (most of the time).

The one thing I would say however is that it can be useful to view designs on a range of devices, but it's likely more important to consider form factors, physical environments of usage and low network speed rather than purely colour profiles.


No. You don’t even need any laptop at all for being a UX designer and none as a UI designer either.

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