I'm working on a production system with a feature for uploading ambiance images & tagging those images. The current UI flow for uploading & tagging three images isn't good enough when 100+ ambiance images are required (per day).

I'm looking for a solution to bulk edit images metadata AND visually group those photos.

  • All the ambiance images has 3 properties (2 properties are in "levels")
  • There are images with some of the same properties
  • At least one property has to be different than the other images.

for example:

1st level group name: "Color" >>
    2nd level group name: "Color, Green" >>
       #1 image: Color, Green, Number1         
       #2 image: Color, Green, Number2
       #3 image: Color, Green, Number3
       #4 image: Neutral, Number1    
   2nd level group name: "Color, Blue" >>
       #1 image: Color, Blue, Number1         
       #2 image: Color, Blue, Number2
       #3 image: Color, Blue, Number3 
       #4 image: Neutral, Number1

There are images that fits all / most of the groups for example - the last image.

#1 image: Neutral, Number1 - will fit ALL groups

Our users upload 1 image in the current UI, attaching the image's 1st level tag+ 2nd level tag + number tag.

  • What are your criteria for an "optimized" solution? I would suggest that a UI very closely tied to the information architecture you presented above would equate to the simplest means to achieve a responsive and maintainable tool that conveys its message well to most Users. You could do tons on top of that, whether it optimizes or wastes time/money is debatable/testable.
    – straya
    Commented Dec 10, 2020 at 8:38
  • By "optimized," I mean - the best solution for multi-image upload & multi-image tag tasks. Until now, the current UI was "enough", but as our company grows - more images are needed - the "simple" 3 images uploading & tagging flow isn't good enough when 100+ images uploading & tagging required (per day). If you have any reference for image uploading and metadata tagging feature, it will help me a lot. Thank you :) Commented Dec 13, 2020 at 10:06

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There is a category of software known as digital asset management applications that would be a good reference for you to take a look at.

Since they are generally used to process hundreds and even thousands of digital assets (whether it is image, videos or brand assets), I am sure that you'll be able to see the features that they have available for editing metadata in a bulk photo upload section.

I have some experience with Bynder, but you can also try looking at Adobe products (maybe as an example of what not to do since many people complain about it) or any other Digital Asset Management tools that is popular at the moment.

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