What is the right way to get feedback from users about our platfrom? is there any pattern, resources i can refer to inorder to achieve this?

How to frame the questions which i relevant and how to analyse the result?

  • can you add more details to your question. like what is your platform about. Dec 7 '20 at 5:46
  • Sure. This is data analytics software for amazon seller in US. Here we have revamped our dashboard and introduced few new features as well. So we need to get valuable feedback from our platforms. so m trying to understand to get it done right
    – Hithesh vk
    Dec 7 '20 at 6:01

There is no right way. It's a good practice to provide a open feedback field that is available to design and development team. It's a good practice to add some visibility to the feedback field in some section, after and before introducing new features. Keep it simple to encourage a lot of answers. Preferably something like rating from 1-5 stars to encourage interaction. And after voting, a display an open feedback field.

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