I'm designing a new product where the user can import their current apps to the system. In the system, there are 4 categories that represent the stages for product development: test, dev, QA, production. By default, all imported apps will be in the test environment.

A couple of limitations

  • Users can only assign each app to one stage

  • Each app has multiple sub-apps

Is there a common practice to design the interaction? What is the common mental modal?

I have two variations in mind.

enter image description here Variation 1 User flow:

  • User comes to this screen to classify the apps
  • User can expand the tree of the left side and select the apps/sub-apps to be assigned to different groups
  • Once the selects the apps/sub-apps/ sub-sub-apps, they can click on reassign to
  • an app can belong to group A, whereas sub-apps can belong C, and sub-sub app to B

enter image description here Variation 2 User flow:

  • User has 4 groups(stages) and can select the group prior to adding the apps / sub-apps
  • Once clicking on one of the groups, they can reassign the apps in the selected group
  • can the sub apps of an app be assigned to different categories? Could you mention the steps of the workflow for both the variations? That would make understanding the process easier – harshikerfuffle Dec 6 '20 at 14:35
  • 1
    @harshikerfuffle, yes sub-apps can be in different categories. I added the user flow for each variation. – Noroti Dec 7 '20 at 18:28

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