I am creating simple app, which will look like this:

One functionality will be a warehouse list. I will have a list of rooms. Then I select a room, it will load aisles in that room. I select the aisle, it will load racks in that aisle. Finally I select the rack and it will show a 2D image of that rack with contents.

Second functionality will be search - I will have another screen where I can type something, it will search the warehouse and if I click that item, it will show a 2D image of the rack where that item is.

I am making this app in Flutter, so it should work on both mobiles and desktops. The only problem is - how should I make good UX?

I have got some ideas but I don't really like any of those.

  • First: nested lists. Fullscreen list of rooms. I select room, it will open another fullscreen list of aisles in that room etc.
  • Second: extended list. Fullscreen list of rooms. I select room, it will extend that room tile and show aisles below that room tile.
  • Both methods would have menu drawer when I can switch between list and search.

What do you think about it? I believe there has to be something better but I cannot think of anything. And also here is the second problem - how should I make this look good on desktop? Could you please help me with some ideas?

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