I am designing a workspace switcher for mobile. It is a mobile web version that renders in the browser and is not an app. Workspaces are different spaces with the same set of settings and contents, and a user could be a part of multiple of them. Since the workspace name could be long, I am refraining from rendering the whole name in the header.

The design goals are:

  1. User knows which workspace they are in - easy discoverability
  2. User can intuitively switch b/w workspaces

We have a web version where user profile and settings is one dropdown and workspace switcher is another. On mobile, due to the real estate being low, I am considering to combine the two.

I am thinking about adding a dropdown in the side menu for the workspace switcher followed by the profile options. Is this a good UI pattern?
enter image description here

I have seen the gmail web version having a dropdown up top to switch accounts. enter image description here

Clarification: There is a similar question Design patterns for switching workspaces on mobile, my question is more about dropdown in a mobile side nav as a pattern.

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