The tab navigation menu is very common for console video games. It is usually mapped on LB/RB buttons (Xbox). Tab navigation in Fortnite

I wonder what would be the most intuitive mapping for PC keyboard?

In Windows, this behaviour is mapped on Ctrl+Tab (forward) and Ctrl+Shift+Tab (backwards), but for the game that's too many keys. I am looking for a single key alternative.

  • I hope I understand the question correctly, but why not use key arrows , left and right? Commented Nov 25, 2020 at 9:13
  • Arrow keys are used for Directional navigation. When you have something focused, say a button in a list of buttons, you can move the focus to the next item with the arrow key. I am looking for hotkeys that would not depend from the focus. Commented Nov 25, 2020 at 11:10

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Consider Q and E. These are keys most PC gamers will easily associate with "left" and "right" since they are used for equipment as well as leaning in some first- and third-person games. E might be a tough choice if it is leveraged elsewhere in the game, especially if it's used within the menu.


Maybe the top row numbers, since both the interface buttons and keyboard buttons are top rows.

Same reason they are mapped to LB RB in the Xbox controller.

Maybe PageUp, PageDown.
Regardless of the mapping, consider providing an option for the user to set themselves. Gamers are very peculiar with mapping of key and functions.

  • These should correspond to navigate forward and backwards through tabs, not the hotkeys for each tab. Commented Nov 24, 2020 at 12:43
  • updated comment
    – Nicolas
    Commented Nov 28, 2020 at 21:33

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