I'm looking for a descriptive and relatively intuitive name for this UI element you very often find in game's settings screens. It's a list of options (labels) that you can horizontally run through and that usually convey a "from lower to higher" or "from worse to better" feeling when going from left to right.

UI Element

  • Maybe 'Horizontal Option Roller'
    – Tomer W
    Nov 12, 2020 at 23:15
  • To observe: its working as if it were a physical wheel of a 'power' controller: like a 1-10 volume button on an amp. However I don't know of a UX name for the physical control ( technically they are 'pots' - potentiometers )
    – PhillipW
    Nov 13, 2020 at 9:21

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Often this pattern is used to input numbers in this case this would be an "input stepper". This would fit to this element to since the name does not imply that only numbers can be selected. So I would go with something like the following:

  • Input stepper
  • Option stepper

A bit of Googling using terms such as Horizontal Selector, Horizontal Picker, Horizontal Carousel etc. leads to the realization that this UI element is simply a...

Single-element carousel

single-element carousel Image source and Carousel Demo

.. albeit with a few changes: no sliding animation, no looping, and no carousel slide marker

The UI element seems to take other forms as well:

Number pickers with horizontal scroll view

number picker 1
Image source and Android Library

number picker 2
Image source

number picker 3
Horizontal Number Picker – Concept

number picker 4
Image source

Spinner/Dial Picker (iOS)

dial picker

Timeline Datepicker

timeline datepicker
Image source

RecyclerView (Android)


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