We are considering implementing task based interface for our new application. What we are not sure about is should we stick to it consistently for all of our screens or should we leave CRUD screens at some places?

I know I am asking an abstract question but that is actually on purpose; to get an idea about task based interfaces aims and best practices. Are they something one should try to enforce everywhere (if decided to go with it) or "where appropriate"?

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    This is a very broad abstract question... the answer could depend on the case. Do you have an example? – Izquierdo 2 days ago
  • I think it could be mixed depending on your scenario. Consider a warehouse inventory system with user A and user B. User A might be in charge of quickly updating some values (task-oriented), while user B might be be a a super-admin in charge of the entire product library (CRUD might be better here). Not sure if that makes sense. Maybe user B requires specialized features to help manage the sheer amount of products (task-oriented). – Nicolas Hung yesterday

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