In my recent development I am required to implement a calendar view which is having month view for each month for given date range. See below.

enter image description here

I have already done the programming part. It is required allows users to select all Sundays, all Mondays, all Tues days etc.. The existing swing UI like this. (Hope this will help to get an idea) see below.

enter image description here

As you can see both Sundays and Tues check boxes are selected and marked in calendar as well. Calendar days are are not clickable and only the check boxes can be selected.

Pure idea is to allow users to selected week/end days and see them on calendar view. Calendar days are not clickable. First thought came to mind is implementing the same behavior as given above for web UI as well.

Hope you all thoughts on this.

Thanks Nuwan

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    Hi Nuwan, what's the question? – Danielillo Oct 17 at 23:07
  • What is the benefit of showing the whole calendar year? Google calendar (and other calendars) allow the users to create recurring events but they don't show the whole year. They don't even show the week; only the checkboxes. If the user is choosing the day of the week, maybe the most relevant piece of information is how that looks like on a week chart rather than the whole year. – Adriano 2 days ago
  • Thanks all. This is a hotel contract management application where the tour operator create accommodation contract with hotel suppliers. When creating the hotel contract user should be able to setup close outs days. It's where hotel is not allowed to book. Feature I have given at the top is available in close out setup where user is able to set all Sun days and close outs, all sat days as close outs etc... – Nuwan 2 days ago

What problem is this solving? To me highlighting the dates by checkbox looks like it’s selecting all those dates. I think if the idea is to make it easier to read then it would be better in my opinion to grey out the un-selected dates. I do feel that it’s already overcomplicating what is already an easy to use calendar without more context as to why this would help.

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