I'm making a table comparing the features in different offerings, using checkmarks and blank spaces to denote whether a feature is available or not. There are a few edge cases where there's partial support of a feature in one of the offerings. I'm planning to use a symbol as well as a one-word description (e.g. "Partial") in the table, with a tooltip explaining the feature shown on hover or finger tap.

What would be the most fitting symbol for this partial state?

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Personally, I would drop the icon and go with just the "Partial" text.

I would also make this a clickable link (visually al least), so it is more obvious that you can find out more information (rather than having to hover).

However, if I had to choose an icon I would go with some kind of "half filled" shape. Perhaps a square or circle depending on the rest of your design style.

Very quick example (excuse the rough edges):

enter image description here

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