We have a field for data entry with auto-suggestion / auto-complete. The analytic data says 60% of the users use the options to complete the field. (so 40% of people choose their own answer)

The field is for users to enter their qualification and I assume the suggestion API we have can't cover every existing qualification in the world. Given that people can always choose to write their own answer, I'm just curious of know if there is a baseline for adaption rate. I'd like to know 60% of people choose an answer from the auto-complete is a below or above average.

Could you share your experience or any helpful resource to determine the baseline?

  • I don't think it is possible to answer your question. The answer very much depends on the data that is available. The only thing your data suggests is: 60% of your users have qualifications that are on your autocomplete list. – musefan Sep 16 '20 at 8:58

In my experience, it is not a relevant question whether adaption rate is high or low.

Adaption score signifies usability perspective and it is ever improving. In your case, application can gather inputs from Users and make it standard options for auto complete as we see in many places. It will increase score further and so on.

However, this blog explains overall thought process behind Adaption Score.

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