I am looking for some examples of companies/ websites who are using the model below:

  1. The company A is using the Saas platform for the assesment (paying for it).
  2. The company A wants to invite other companies (supplier B, C, D) to the platform to be assessed (they need to pay as well).

I am interested how the payment is communicated to suppliers B, C, D (other companies). Currently I am working on the customer journey, where this information is communicated, but not that straight forward (smaller font, at the bottom of the page), which bring friction later in the process, where we ask them to pay.

Do you know any examples?


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    Hello @MikeLikePike, and welcome to UX.SE. Instead of asking about examples, I'd suggest that you might be able to get better responses by explaining the challenge you're dealing with and what your goals are. What "assessment" are you talking about? In what way is Company A different from B, C, and D, if they're all paying for the product? Are they using the product in a different capacity? Feel free to edit any other details you feel may be relevant into your question. – maxathousand Aug 28 '20 at 12:25
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    Any mocks you have also help give more context to the problem, and show the community some of your efforts, and any constraints you're working with as well – Mike M Aug 28 '20 at 12:32

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