Suppose that a software platform has the following architecture:

  • Workspace A
    • Board 1
    • Board 2
    • Board 3
  • Workspace B
    • Board 4
    • Board 5
    • Board 6

And each space is custom-named by users like below:

  • Marketing Projects
    • Communications
    • Outreach
    • Sales
  • Development Projects
    • Coding
    • Research
    • QA

If notifications are used to inform the user about activities in boards, which of the following is the more user-friendly approach? (The main difference is which comes first between the larger workspace and the specific board, and I'd like to get answers in this aspect.)

Option 1:

  • John created a new post in Sales in Marketing Projects.
  • This post was shared from Sales in Marketing Projects.

Option 2:

  • John created a new post in Marketing ProjectsSales.
  • This post was shared from Marketing ProjectsSales.
  • Are the board names unique?
    – isaac
    Commented Aug 19, 2020 at 10:29

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If the board names are unique, the order from option 1 one would be optimal. If multiple boards can have the same name, option 2 would be the fastest for all users to understand.


If you are proposing two solutions and giving us option to choose, I would choose option 1. In my opinion, this is how my cognitive effort in understanding worked as soon as I saw it:

Option 1 - John Created a post in sales section of Marketing Projects category.

Option 2 - John create a new post in marketing Projects. ""Short circuit"" Now I am not sure if he create a post called sales or he created a post inside sales section.

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