You can still find it in very few places. Like Google Groups (see example). But even that, understandably, is getting a redesign, one that hides quite a bit of functionality and seems to dispose entirely of some (e.g. some filter options).

Screenshot: Classic Google Groups design following design language used across the company products ca. 2012

I recall it was a "thing" with some PR work popularizing its launch across different Google products as a unification of their interface designs. I can't recall its name and no query gets me anything similar. And sadly there's no such thing as a compiled "history" of design languages used by a company even one as big as Google.

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Before Material, each Google product had a handful of designers working on their respective product without a common design ethos.

You can read the entire story (which is really fascinating) in this article: https://www.fastcompany.com/3046512/how-google-finally-got-design


Could it be Project Kennedy? There was a brief period where Google was gung-ho on implementing it everywhere before going quiet and releasing Material in 2014.

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