Our users work multiple hours a week entering address data in a form. All users are considered advanced users.

There are two most common use cases

  • a. Always the same and not all address fields are filled in.

  • b. An address is inserted by clicking a button

One idea for efficient data entry is skipping

  • a. infrequently used fields

  • b. all fields

when tabbing through the form.

Pro: Quick navigation to relevant fields with as little as possible tab navigation .

Con: Contradicts first time expectation, resulting in first time confusion and a learning curve. For non-standard form entry mouse input is required.

Would you implement this idea or rather stick with conventional tabbing behaviour? I'm tending towards a no for a. and yes for b. Do you have any experience with this? Thanks in advance!

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I would stick to the conventional tabbing behavior. You also have to take in account that tabbing is important from an accessibility point of view.


DO NOT skip form fields or prevent keyboard nav to interactive elements. Always refer to WCAG for interactive elements.

DO apply smart autofill so people don't have to key in the same info multiple times. That's just good usability for everyone, including keyboard navigators. :)

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