I have a b2b ecommerce marketplace (multi-vendor, like amazon).

I'm looking for some inspirations/examples of how other b2b marketplace are communication things like bulk pricing.

As an example, in our case, you can buy a solar panel but the piece, the pallet, or the container.

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There are numerous options:

  1. consider all these as different product, with different prizes
  2. consider them as a single product, but then, when it comes to prizing, you might get things more complex.

Keep in mind that this is a B2B scenario, where the single piece won't make much sense. In case of the 2nd option you would need to have a price range on the product - that might vary based on amount, user's VIP status, etc.

  • Thanks. In our case, technically/data-wise we will treat them as separate products with separate SKU. The UI gets more complicated when you consider it's also a multi-vendor marketplace so you have multiple prices/vendors for the single, pallet, and container options.
    – A.com
    Commented Aug 6, 2020 at 20:03

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