As a software developer, I often read technical documentation. I might be biased due to the high usage of Stack Overflow and internal tools like Confluence which are full of timestamps (almost any piece of information has a creation date).

However, every now and then I stumble across technical articles (example) which do not provide any timestamp information. I typically view source and search for a hidden (technical) tag that might contain some timestamp, but this is not someone using a Web site normally would normally do.

I am curious if from a UX perspective technical content creation/modification timestamps are a must or at least a good practice.


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Absolutely! And I despise any article of any kind that doesn't have one.

Once, I spent several hours delving into a method for software development. After really getting into the work, I was Googling and, only then, found out that the article was far outdated and no longer usable.

Not dating a technical article, to me, is a technical blunder. The publisher and author should be shamed.

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