I have a health app where the user sign up is quite straightforward(at least in my eyes). It goes as follows -

  1. Screen 1 - enter email id, password
  2. Screen 2 - enter verification code sent on email
  3. Screen 3 - enter Name, gender

Currently the average ratio of downloads to sign ups has been around 65% only. So around 35% of the people who download don't go through sign up process at all. Is this normal for a typical b2c app like ours? What can I do to improve this?

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I could not find numbers on your specific topic (b2c fitness health app, conversion download-signup), but here are some numbers to get a better feel for the order of magnitude.

In this blog post they mention a conversion rate of 36.2% based on 79 SaaS companies for the signup flow on a website. This might not be comparable as your users have already downloaded the app. This article mentions a 32.7% conversion rate from app page to download for health&fitness apps.

How can you improve this? Find out why people drop out either by asking them directly or looking at data. Maybe:

  • They wanted to use it right away and don't have time to signup
  • They quit because they forgot the login to their email account
  • They don't want to disclose sensitive personal information (name, email, gender) with the app
  • Your password restrictions are too strong
  • Your app has performance problems on their phone
  • It would be useful to know which screen they get as far as (1,2,3)
    – PhillipW
    Aug 18, 2021 at 16:43

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