So I have a Wizard in QT5, I have a table and need to pick a data source and type. Based on those 2 fields, transition to the next page. I have the components working properly, but I am looking for a more intuitive design.

The selections are done with a combobox that the user selects the source of the data, and another combobox that the user selects the type of the data. As an example lets say the user is picking a habitat for an animal and can choose a custom, database, or library.

Combobox 1 (Source)

Combobox 2 (Habitat)

There is a button to add a new animal with the habitat type. I am also using these comboboxes to control options in a context menu on the individual items in the table of animals.

The options in the context menu are


Here is a mock up of the current design. mockup

How can I improve this design to be more intuitive and less clunky without multiple comboboxes?

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