I am working on a business directory site where a user can search for either a deal, company or event in a city. What alternatives are there for retrieving relevant results for a user in terms of UX? The results are listed on a results page as either cards or list items.

Current alternatives I have thought of:

  1. Use a separate page for each results. A deals page if one wants to retrieve deals. A companies page for company results. An event page for event results. However, I want people to know that there is a store that sell sneakers if they wouldn’t find a deal for sneakers.

  2. Retrieve the results and split into different tabs. The tabs would be Deals, Companies and Events. They would still use facet search. However, it’s not sure if the Deals, Companies and Events have the same categories based on the results, because only existing categories get shown in the list when facet searching.

  3. Retrieve all results in one page using one query. Filter by faceting. If I want to see companies, I select from a sidebar ”Companies”. I think facet searching for other parameters would work here, since we could show categories from all three results combined, which is not the same as option 2.

I prefer option 3, but don’t think it’s a good idea to blend all items into one result page as the user might not be able to see the difference between items.

Would you use any of these alternatives or what approach would you have used?

Thanks in advance!

  • Are there any technical, business or user requirements/constraints that could help you narrow down or refine the options? What is your reason for your preference of option 3? – Michael Lai Jun 14 at 23:01
  • Currently, I am only narrowing down by companies, deals and events. Perhaps I can re-structure the data to be presented in a better way visually. My reason for preferring option 3 is because I easier can grasp what listings that exist in a city. In that way I don't have to worry about filters not matching when switching tabs, since I can only refine depending on what exists. Not sure if it is a good solution however. – Vimona Jun 15 at 20:26

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