As part of a larger app, I am designing a mobile UX for a fixed list of 30 questions that the app user can answer. The user can answer from 0 to 30 questions, averaging around 3 answers. They can edit/delete/add answers at any time, averaging around an edit every 5th session. Questions are short, one sentence each. Answers are long, 100 to 1000 characters each.

What UX pattern can I use for such list?

I have a few ideas, but I don't like any of them:

  1. A screen with a scrollable list of questions. A click on the question opens another screen with editable field for the answer. I don't like this because it takes a lot of clicking back and forth to answer several questions.

  2. A screen with a scrollable list of questions and answers. Answers are immediately below questions in editable fields. I don't like this because it's easy to loose track of short questions among a sheet of long answers. Also, will scrolling a bunch of editable fields be confusing?

  3. A screen with a scrollable list of questions and answers. Answers are collapsed. Clicking on the question uncollapses the editable field that contains the answer. Same cons as #2. Plus if there are many answers, collapsing/uncollapsing each is annoying.

Are their UX best practices here? Anything you can suggest?

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  1. New screen for each question Avoided here.
  2. Added Scrollspy Vertical Menu on left labeled with numbers which will help in scrolling through 30 questions. Answered question are marked with letter 'A'.
  3. Avoided collapsibles.

enter image description here

  • Thank you, neat idea! A scroll with a content built in.
    – Arman
    May 30, 2020 at 10:05

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