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What is this type of graph called? I find this graph across some website but I am unable to recall.

Following are the features of this graph:

  1. Nodes are connected to a central node, indicating layers of information.
  2. Clicking on a node gives information about that node.

Can someone provide some use cases and reference for this graph?

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The term is Force directed graph.

Here's an example of an ontology, where the side panel displays selection (circle in red) details:

enter image description here


Hyperbolic Tree

Based on the info provided, this appears to be a hyperbolic tree. Characteristics include:

  • central node
  • exponential node increases

Sample hyperbolic tree visualization

A hyperbolic tree defines a graph drawing method inspired by hyperbolic geometry.

Displaying hierarchical data as a tree suffers from visual clutter as the number of nodes per level can grow exponentially. For a simple binary tree, the maximum number of nodes at a level n is 2n, while the number of nodes for larger trees grows much more quickly.

Drawing the tree as a node-link diagram thus requires exponential amounts of space to be displayed.

quote and example from the data viz project.

The interactivity of clicking to get information about a specific node is simply a good practice for any digital info visualization.


I always knew this as multinode graph (in Graph Theory) or Network Diagram in DataViz

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