I am measuring the time between users creating a listing and deactivating a listing to A/B test and make inferences around success (for some apps, including the one I'm working on, a shorter listing duration is a hint of greater success).

I am not sure of the appropriate jargon/terminology for the period of time between a user creating a listing and the time that listing is deactivated/removed?

Currently, I am calling it 'listing duration', or 'days online', but I made these up to describe the metric - I hope to understand if there is a more generic term/metric used by UX professionals?

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    I'm not aware if there is a generic term used in UX, "durability", "lifetime" or "life-cycle duration" maybe? Depends a little on the usage.
    – jazZRo
    Apr 24, 2020 at 15:44

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Here are some really quick ideas. Try out searching for synonyms for keywords in thesaurus for more options.

  • Active Dates
  • Active Timeframe
  • Listing Active for
  • Listing Timespan
  • Days/Time before Lapse
  • Lapsed/Closed After x Days (personal favorite)

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