So here is the stuff that is needed on the form:

  1. Name (short text)

  2. Description (longer text)

  3. Choose an option (basically a radio button, might be 10-100 options. The. options are presented on a small card)

  4. Start date (date)

  5. End date (date)

  6. Submit button

The issue I am having is presenting the "Choose an option" in an optimal way. I have two ideas for solving this. The first idea is to have a simple linear form, present the first 3 options and have a "more" button. Here is a quick illustration:


The second option would be a two-step wizard, but as we all know

It’s silly to have a 2-step wizard...

I still think the wizard is the way to go, but I am very unsure.

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Things that you should consider (wrt your context):

  1. Form alignment approach: Go for the "top to bottom approach"(which you have done currently)i.e one-column approach.

  2. Do not hide labels once the user taps into the field. Keep labels visible always.

  3. Radio buttons are preferred when your options are limited to 3 or 4. If you have more than 4 options, use the "dropdown" multi-select element along with a search inside

  4. Avoid using "more". This is not intuitive here.

  5. The start and end date can be placed in one line.

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