Let's say user number 1 goes in and starts running a big process that can only have one instance running at a time. In the meantime 2 more users attempt to run the same process while it is still running.

Does the following messaging follow best practices for this scenario?

enter image description here

For example this is what the 3rd person would see:

enter image description here

  • When you say 'stay here and wait your turn', does this dialog stay open and give updates?
    – Mike M
    Apr 16, 2020 at 23:50

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Is it possible you can prevent them from trying to initiate the process to start with, so they don't encounter a dialog?

Ideally, if the system can be aware of what jobs are running, you could have indicators, such as a disabled button in the main view, and explain why the job can't be run by them at this time. This way they see the system status and capabilities before any interaction.

You might be able to offer a notification when the queue clears, but I don't know enough about your application to understand if this is possible.

enter image description here

If you must use a dialog, and can't notify them

If your constraints do require some kind of dialog, make clear:

What the status is: In your title 'Processing request' makes it look like the action they initiated is happening: It's not, and they're now in a queue they didn't know of before.

enter image description here

If the queue clears, you can animate a transition, explain what changed, and surface the controls necessary to complete the task:

enter image description here

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