I am working on a financial app and struggling with the UX in its settings area. The user needs to select with which method he/she wants to login to the app:

  • faceID / fingerprint
  • Only password
  • username and password.

So far, easy. The problem is that because of regulation reasons, the user needs first to "Register" or "opt-in" to the first two options, and to accept actively to terms. The user also needs to have the option to opt-out from the biometric or the "password only" options, so the app will not store any private details.

It is possible that the user is opted-in to one of the methods, but it is currently not selected.

I am afraid that users will be confused by the duplication of actions - also the option to opt-in/out and the selection.

This is what I have so far (ignore the English. The app is not in English).

Current UX of the settings

The radio buttons are the selection, and the "Logout" and "Register" starting a flow that ends up back in this screen. If the user clicks on the radio of "Password only" it will start a flow of registration and then will select this option.

Is there a better UX for this? Can you think of an option that will improve the clarity?

  • I've removed a "not" from the text, because it seemed to contradict the diagram. However, the diagram isn't clear in some places: if "Face" is not selected at the moment, and the user chooses to use it, why does it follow a "logout/opt-out" flow? Apr 13, 2020 at 11:03


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