On a current project, we're trying to write UI/UX into the user story and we currently have this:

Story: "focus on design for the beginner user

Acceptance criteria:

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Uncluttered and appealing user interface

I'm being asked to help refine these user stories that are specific to the UI, but I have no experience with this type of story. Typically, our stories don't contain this type of language and will instead refer to the thing we're supposed to design ("search bar for users to quickly find information", etc.)

Does anyone have any thoughts/experience on UI/UX user stories like this?

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You can follow the template like this fill-in-the-blanks example. Please add more details as needed into the story.

User story: “As a [persona], I [want to], [so that].”

I would say something like, "As a beginner user, I want to have an intuitive navigation and uncluttered appealing user interface, so that I can (for example)buy products quickly."


The item you provided doesn't really work as a story because it is not a capability or a need that the customer has. Most commonly, UI/UX is a part of delivering on a need. For example, if you said "As a DIY homeowner, I want a list of all tools for my landscaping projects so I can pick the one out I want even if I don't know what it is called." then part of delivering that would be designing a user experience that was simple and intuitive for that user.

It is possible that a user story may be almost entirely UI/UX. To use your example, maybe a storefront has grown so large that it has become confusing and you need to change how people get around. You might say "As an online customer, when I come to the store, I want it to be clear where to go in order to find what I need." Most of this story is UI/UX, but not all of it.

The difference is that if your team is using User Stories, those should be capturing needs of the customer, not work to be done. Once the need is identified, the development team will discuss what work needs to be done to deliver on it and will organize themselves around it.


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