I just downloaded the free iOS 13 GUI for figma and I tried to see whether their app templates follow a standard grid layout format, and by the way it looks they don't - components are not aligned across the grid in a particular way. So I was wondering if I have to follow a strict layout grid guideline for iOS design or should I just create my own? I know that some people prefer to use a 12-layout or 6-layout grid template but for me it feels kind of weird aligning my design elements around a 12-layout or 6-layout grid template and I would rather use something more customizable to my own design needs. Any clarification would be much appreciated.

  • What does Apple's own Human Interface Guidelines say about grids and their layout? – locationunknown Apr 7 at 5:11
  • Hi @locationunknown thanks for the comment! The only layout related terms Apple Human interface Guidelines talk about is 'Safe Area' and 'Margin', but they don't mention anything about columns, gutter, etc. I included a link here so you can have an idea: developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/ios/… – Aly Dabbous Apr 7 at 16:17

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