Do you guys know any other way to represent a list of items that have their own frequency options (Weekly, Monthly, Daily) that you can choose from. I was thinking maybe creating like a table and adding 3 checkboxes under every options or creating something similar to segmented control. Example

I was also thinking of adding a dropdown where you can choose between these three options. What do you think is the best option in my situation?

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I would use something like the attachment below.

I don't think it makes sense to compare a weekly value with a monthly value. It depends a lot on what kind of data you want to compare and if all Data rows have a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly value.

Sometimes it doesn't make sense to compare Daily values with Monthly or Weekly. But it's important what kind of data you need to compare.
enter image description here Segmented controller or dropdown? It depends on the data on how your users are using your platforms.

  • If 80% of their time they use only one value, I would use a dropdown.
  • If your users' habits are to browse between those 3 intervals I would leave them as a segmented controller.

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