What is the terminology of the following UI elements in this screenshot?

These UI elements are readonly field values; these values can be edited by the Update (Modifier in French) link button.

I looked for the right terminology to use in search engines, to find UX Design examples.

enter image description here

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I think readonly field isn't a bad name for the individual elements. People can refer to this as a label field or a display field.

Possibly as a higher level concept, the page itself could be a:

  • readonly page
  • information page
  • display page

If you're looking for a way to describe the field and it's associated update function then I'd describe the field as mode switching - it has a display mode and an edit mode which you activate with the update link.


Google Material Design calls them "read-only fields" and that would be widely understood by UX designers and developers.


Those are labels that are being replaced by textboxes when you click "Modify" They are not disabled and they are not readonly textboxes

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