I am looking for an alternative for an index page https://www.big-direkt.de/de/leistungen/pflegeversicherung/pflege-zu-hause.html-0

The problem: There is too much content to arrange it under each other on one single page. It is very complicated to find the right information when the content is split into a lot sub-pages. Also an index page just with cards is very unattractive.

So what could be an alternative? - The space for horizontal tabs instead of sub-pages are too limited - There is too much content in the sub-pages to put it in accordeons instead.

Do you have ideas or examples of alternatives for sub-pages to structure a lot of content?

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    An alternative is hard to give without more context and details about the user. It is not clear why the problem exists and to who it is a problem. Also please add screenshots instead of a link. – jazZRo Mar 26 at 9:34

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