I'm building a product page for customizable work. Each work can be customized by the user according to what the vendor specifies. However, if there's something that you want that is not customizable, you can place a direct order to the vendor asking for something different.

I'm thinking about using a mid-sized "Still not what you're looking for? [Place an order]" element after the "Customization" section, since the user will first check if something is customizable an then realize that a direct order is needed. The main problem here is coordinating the weight of this element vs. the customization section. It is not a warning, but it shouldn't disappear. My current options for this element is:

  • Text-like: "Still not what you're looking for? [link] Place an order -> [/link]" text-like
  • Box: [inside box] Still not what you're looking for? Place an order [button] Order [/button] [/box] box-like

Are there guidelines for this?

  • Hi, and welcome to the site. Thanks for the question - you have a clear question and provided mock-ups. Unfortunately, the question depends too much on the general design and on personal preferences. That's probably why there have been no answers so far, and why it may be closed as "opinion-based". – virtualnobi Mar 22 '20 at 17:23

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