I am looking for any guidelines or references on the design of interactive documents that have a physical counterpart (e.g. annual reports, whitepapers, research reports).

At the moment I see a couple of implementation strategies, and most of them appear to be a slow or less mature transition to an authentic digital implementation of a physical document (i.e. a PDF version of a printable physical document with no interactions.

The most common pairings that I have observed are:

  • Fully interactive digital asset (e.g. website/webpage) + PDF document with no interactions
  • Fully interactive digital asset (e.g. website/webpage) + downloadable/printable extract of asset

There doesn't seem to be any rules regarding how the interactive digital asset is a stand-alone content that can be treated separately to the printable physical document or whether it should be an enhancement to the printable physical document.

There are some interesting examples and variations on places like the ARC awards, but many of them don't seem to be aligned in terms of the brand or user experience.

Are there any guidelines or references for the design of the interactive digital asset to ensure the best user experience?

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