Our app currently has a Notification Center that can be accessed through an icon on the upper-right hand corner of the page.

I'm in the process of designing a Dashboard, which it and of itself will have its own notifications - eg: failed renewals, expired plans, etc.

But now, I am torn - do I put these notifications within the Dashboard itself (as some sort of banner)? Or will they go into the Notifications Center? The issue with the Notification Center though is it's a slide-out panel, so in that way, it can be ignored and doesn't suggest urgency.

  • Wherever users have not yet learned to selectively tune out :) Oct 12 '21 at 12:15

App notifications should be at top right (For everything happens in app except Dashboard) If you have notification just for the dashboard, show them on dashboard screen, make an attractive banner with close at top right. Hope this help. :)


All notifications should go in the notification center AND you can show them in the dashboard notifications related to dashboard only.

You might do the same for each page, especially if the notification is about an error.

When the user clicks in the notification center on a notification related to a page, they would expect to see the error with all information to help them solve the problem.


they should be highlighted in the dashboard itself because it will help user perform the analysis he was trying to do while being on the dashboard screen

just be little careful that

  • it should NOT block the major area of the page (sliding from top is fine)
  • user should be able to dismiss it

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