I am debating with my boss regarding tags should be coloured or not. I feel that colouring tags will just work as fun for the user. A user won't remember what colour he has assigned to a particular group of keywords. For instance, the user applied red for offers keyword and later after somedays while doing a campaign he assigned red colour as Diwali festival. So use case of colour tags doesnt satifies the need of it. However, boss saying let them assign any colour what he wishes. There is no need for grouping keywords of the same colour.

Please help me with this!

  • What? "here is no need for grouping keywords of the same colour." So your argument is that tags should be grouped per colour, but your boss points out that there may be arbitrary tags of the same colour...so then grouping wouldn't make much sense...so why group them? Where and how do you group them? – straya Mar 2 '20 at 3:47

I know what you feel :) When I read your problem, I think your boss is bossy and struggles to follow suggestions from employees but in another case I think your boss could hear and follow suggestions if he/she has good reason for it. For example, tag using with 1 color may be better than 5 colors because it makes the user not confused, makes it clean and we can keep it consistent. While your boss is still thinking that using 5 colors is the best choice you can use A/B Testing with users to build one design like your boss and one design what you want. Don't forget to record a video or invite your boss to the A/B Testing.

Good luck!

  • Thanks for answering. I will sure take A/B Test of it. – Swapnil Pednekar Feb 27 '20 at 13:05

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