I love being able to continue to work where I left off, but not if I explicitly told an application/OS to stop or if it crashed.

Sometimes I choose to restore what I had opened before, but I am not asked most of the time.

It is difficult and sometimes impossible to change that setting and it seems like more and more things adopt this pattern.

Wouldn't an actual choice be the best solution?

  • Windows 10 added this as a feature for after a restart, but they give the option to disable it. I know most popular web browsers (both on mobile and desktop) provide this as an option. I've don't normally see document editing software doing this. My email clients do not do this. What kinds of applications are you talking about? – maxathousand Feb 21 '20 at 14:51
  • IntelliJ (IDE), SourceTree(VCSUI), macOS, SublimeText, Firefox on linux, they all do it. For firefox you can not disable it, and macos does it whether you deactivate it or not. Those programs also wont ask, they just do it – Iser Feb 24 '20 at 9:23

They are just preparing for the worst. Imagine having written a 2000 words page article or filling a form and suddenly the power goes off or the computer crashes.

I agree that the option of disabling this feature should exist and should work, however the developers of the applications you just listed probably believe that it is worth annoying the user for a few seconds and have them close some tabs rather than have them sending angry emails that they lost a ton of progress.

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