When a user is asked to fill in a text area box will the quantity of text that user inputs be affected in any way by the size of the text area?

Are there any studies of this?

Smaller text area


Bigger text area

enter image description here


Text input fields are ideally sized to let the user see as much of their input as possible. Starting with adequate default sizes and allowing the user to expand the field are good practices.

UXPlanet has some more tips on text fields.

  • Hello, Thank you for the answer but it is not related to my question. I was asking how and if it affects users to give out more or less words because they were influenced by the size of the input box – Cristian Negraia Feb 13 at 6:16
  • In Donald Norman's "The Design of Everyday Things", he discusses affordances and signifiers, which communicate what something does and how it wants the user to interact with it. For example, the handles on Push and Pull doors. Textbox size can be a signifier to a user for how much content is ideal (single-line fields tell the user to enter shorter answers than multi-line fields.) I'd start with those concepts if you need to make an argument for an ideal field size. – Stacy H Feb 18 at 22:18

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