I often find myself in a situation where stakeholders ask for a specific solution to a new feature that is not the best one in terms of usability compared to what I usually suggest. I always have arguments that might be or not considered as valid by the stakeholders (you know everybody is more or less biased when talking about UX).

My current approach is to avoid iterating on their solution and proposing my solution as the way to go forward. Still, most of the time I gt asked for their suggested solution and when that is presented, there is the risk that they'll choose that one over the more "usable" one that I suggest.

What I am curious is what is your approach when dealing with this kind of situations? How do you dismiss wrong solutions and get the right one chosen? I know, there is always the option to do some A/B testing, but let's be honest, in 99% of the cases there is not the time and budget for that. I'm looking for ways to deal with this kind of situations quick and efficient.

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