I can see there's different approaches to showing the marketing preferences when buying a product. In your opinion, if the marketing preferences has a long text and a long list of opt-ins, do you think it's advisable to have these in an accordion/expandable section, like the one below enter image description here

Or do you think they should all be shown like the following exampleenter image description here


  • Following GDPR standards the fist version, with elements in an expandable section wouldn't be compliant. "The GDPR lists specific requirements for lawful consent requests, but must also be given with a clear affirmative action. In other words, individuals need a mechanism that requires a deliberate action to opt in, as opposed to pre-ticked boxes. ... Opt-out options “are essentially the same as pre-ticked boxes, which are banned”." itgovernance.eu/blog/en/gdpr-when-do-you-need-to-seek-consent – Mircea Anton Feb 11 '20 at 16:25
  • Could you explain why the GDPR has to be in the Checkout process, please? IMO this is shown to the user the moment they open the website for the first time. – Anton T Feb 18 '20 at 9:49

What are the objectives of the business? Do they want to drive people to opt in top these marketing preferences?

Until you know this would drive the solution you go with.

So with that in mind, without any testing and based on assumption, there are 2 things you could look at that will be the likely outcomes based on the answer to the above question:

  • (Yes) If the business wants to drive people to select/opt in to these marketing preferences then keep them exposed and on one page (second option).

  • (No) If this isn't a priority for the business i.e. this isn't a main focus. Then go with the first expandable/accordion option.

But you need to ask them if people opting in to marketing options is a goal. Its likely that the answer to this will be yes having worked with clients in general.

One point would be to test this. People may react to this differently, they could see all those options and just ignore them, who knows, but testing will iron out these things.

You could also look at where these are positioned in the flow, they dont all need to be before the buy button, they could appear on a success/thanks for your order page. Again this would depend on the business objective.


Show it open as per the second option.

Basically you are asking for consent. When requesting consent, one should be clear in the messaging. Hiding options (even if just to save some screen space) can and probably will be interpreted as deceptive.

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