I work for charity app project and want to know about your opinion with checkout flow.

So this project's potential users are people with 20 - 40 y.o

Im curious what if i don't show payment instruction in the end of checkout flow/summary page. Is the user will confused?

  • What do you mean by "payment instruction"? – maxathousand Feb 4 at 15:37
  • I mean, when the user select payment method and we show step by step how the payment method works. I mean what the user must do to pay the bill with selected payment method – Nanda Febrian A Feb 5 at 17:46

I think collecting online donations should be easy, affordable and transparent. Showing payment-related FAQ/instructions at the end of the page will make sense.


If the donation method needs explanation, maybe you have to consider one that doesn't.

If it's not avoidable, then the user might be given a choice between showing and hiding the payment instruction.

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