I've been asked to implement, and have seen this typewriter effect on a number of web sites: https://mattboldt.com/demos/typed-js/

Typically it is in the header with 3 or 4 sentences about what the company or service does. I'm not sold on the idea, while it might be a "cool" effect, will users hang about waiting for the sentences to load or skim and scroll past it? Or am I just being a kill joy?

Just looking for some expert opinions on this technique and if it is an OK or bad experience.


The method can’t be judged in isolation, it all depends on the context.

Your example previews the use of a command line tool so it’s purposeful and not at all gratuitous. Speaking as someone who enjoys software development and wants to get better at it I feel your example provides affective priming consistent conducive to the subject matter.

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