I need to make sitemap for a microsite.

To add in some background detail, the site will be focused on raising Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). I am still fairly new at writing site maps as well.

The idea is to keep the site "simple". The user will land at the site, they will be promoted to start a patient journey. They will then be presented with animations for 3 patients at different stages of the their COPD condition. The three patient stories will be presented one after the other. After this they will be sent to a page that has the information and links to other pages etc. The client wants the user to be able replay each story afterwards if the user desires it.

My question is, are there particular ways to show this or what would be the best way to present this?

At first I thought I would do one branch from the landing page, list the three profiles, then on a second branch from the landing page, list the page with information. Whilst I think this covers all the content, I don't think it makes it clear the user will see the animations firstenter image description here

Then I thought why not start with the landing page, and then have each patient profile branch from each other as per the image below. I think this is a little more clear on the site structure. However, it looks like you have to drill through a lot of page to get to content and I am wondering if this is looking more like a user flow rather than a site map. I could condense the patient profiles into one box and make a note of the content.

Is there particular ways to show this or a good way to show this?

enter image description here

  • "they will be promoted to start a patient journey" - "prompted" maybe?
    – drabsv
    Jan 23, 2023 at 21:37
  • Welcome to the site! Just so I understand: You are looking for a visualization of a draft design (and currently think about sitemaps)? And the draft design proposes to show a few (patient) stories (without user interaction) plus links to further information/assets (which would require user interaction to go there)? Sep 21, 2023 at 7:43

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You can map User Journey Map.

What you presented is a cursorily - Information Architecture.

On X axis it's time, every block [in stages of journey] are chapters (patient stories etc.)

The map present road from beginning to accomplish goal.

By defining the goals that the user accomplishes, conversions can be measured at every stage

enter image description here

Information Architecture maps the structure of the entire page (often also with processes) - and it is worth using it in communication with developers, or at the initial design stage.

enter image description here

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