I just got the PS4 of a friend and noticed that many games use the builtin save manager.

What bugs me is, that the manager asks you if you are really sure you want to save the game, even when you chose to create a new save game, so there is no way to lose any existing data. It even asks you to confirm, that the save game has been created, which should basically always be the case.

Limited disk space should also not be a concern, when a save game is only 10 MB in size. And even if it was huge, it would only fail, not damage anything.

I'm wondering, what this check is meant to prevent, that makes it worth to include an additional interaction, that is, I would say, unnecessary in 99% of times.

The only thing I can imagine is preventing an accidental creation of a new save, but I don't see the problem in that either, since you can always overwrite another one again, from the same menu.

Combined with the slow screen transitions it makes this feel incredibly sluggish.

  • it probably should be overwriting the current "save state", are you sure that all of the saved items available seperately? Otherwise it seems meaningless tough.. – Erhan Yaşar Jan 1 at 20:15
  • How does this compare to the experience of say Xbox? I am not a console gamer so it is hard to comment on this, but I am curious about the variations and answers that people come up with. – Michael Lai Feb 5 at 0:23

Timer... the game begins to save without user prompt, but the timer displays indicating the user can opt out in N seconds (while the game continues on with no further interruption - whilst displaying the opt out input required). Also note that most games reserve a AutoSave feature for automatica snapshotting so combine the two and it - should - be seamless.

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  • Maybe my question was not specific enough, but I was talking about an additional menu interaction, when I, the user, initiate the saving process through the normal builtin save manager menu. While your answer is an interesting alternative, I was looking for an explanation on why the current way was implemented. – Minix Feb 20 at 9:59

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