I'm currently doing an app interface, the client is asking me for an specific design but I can't understand what it is, here's the quote:

"bike code lock" kind of structure for date time and table for x?

If you have any references I will appreciate, thanks!

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I'm assuming they're talking about something like this:enter image description here

From what you've described, they might be looking for something like classic iOS date spinner, or the Material UI "datetime-local" component found here: https://material-ui.com/components/pickers/

Each number field - day, month, year, hour, minute - can be moved up or down via the keyboard, similar to the single incrementation found in the bike lock. For usability purposes, the Material picker also features the ability to type directly into these fields, as well as a traditional calendar picker view. I'd recommend baking in some of these additional features which may be familiar to your users.


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