Is this a common pattern to put a segmented control at the bottom of the screen? I've seen this only in the native iOS 13 Photos app.

This is a segmented control on the screenshot below, right? If so, where else have you seen bottom placement of the segmented control?

Photos app

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It does serve the purpose of a segmented control, so I guess it must be one. I have not seen any other app using it at the bottom of the screen, especially right above a TabBar which can be a bit confusing. However, it you refer to the Human Interface guidelines for iOS, it is not mentionned anywhere that there is a prefered location for a segmented control.


This seems unusual but it might be caused by the consideration that the bottom part of the screen is easier to access to smartphone users: if they want to quickly switch segments to filter their photos, this position makes it quicker and effortless.

This choice by Apple looks like a "natural" continuation of the bottom menu found in most iOS apps.

Smartphone thumb zones

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