I'm new to conversion rate optimisation, I'm currently prioritising my test ideas based on the effort and impact.

Am I right in thinking that the MDE is the minimum uplift from baseline to be confident in the data?


  • Current monthly conversions = 23
  • Monthly traffic = 1000
  • Duration of A/B Test = 4 weeks
  • MDE = 54.78% (CXL tool)

This would mean if control got 16 conversions during the test, Variation A must get a minimum of 24 conversions to be statistically significant?

If this is correct, how would I measure this with current avg conversions being at 0 due to lack of tracking?

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It doesn’t really matter if you’ve got no historic data because of issues beforehand as whilst the test is running you should be getting conversion data from both A (the control) and B (the variant).

As long as your tracking is set up during the testing then you’ll be able to see which variant is the favourite

  • Thanks for the comment, my issue is calculating the MDE pre-test with no historic data. Am I misunderstanding MDE?
    – GrapeSoda
    Jan 7, 2020 at 16:19

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