I'm working on a Notification Center (On a web application) and I can't find any information about the notifications history.

So I don't know what is the best behaviour to apply for my notification center.

EX: Facebook and Pinterest have an infinite history.

  • Should I keep all the notifications in history, in which context?
  • Should I allow the user to close the notifications, in which context?

For more context, I'm working on a Financial Application for Advisors. So there is no "Messages notifications", the notifications we'll find in the Notification Center will be more like "There are new alternatives available in your comparison #1". The notification will redirect the user to the source.

Here's my sources for the notifications:




Thank you!

  • This will depend on your users' need Leane. If the history of last 7 days is all they need, there will no need to display all notifications. If needed the notifications may be put in a separate page with the added option to 'View entire history' and preferably to clear them as well. – Ren Dec 12 '19 at 5:28

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